This Unbelievable TikTok Allegedly Captures A Home Break-In As A Woman Films A Dance Video

A woman in Hagerstown, Maryland, USA allegedly caught a thief breaking into her home while she was filming a video for TikTok.

The TikTok user, Hannah Viverette, was about to begin performing a TikTok dance in front of her phone, when a man opened her patio door and started to walk inside her home.

Hanna seems startled by the man entering uninvited. He mutters something in Spanish and Hannah commands Alexa to switch the music off so that she can hear him. He then asks Hannah, “Am I your friend?” Hannah replies, “No” and tells the guy to leave her apartment.

She walked out of her apartment, while the man appeared to exit from the balcony door.

Check out the TikTok vid below: