A Sydney Plastic Surgeon Roasted Putin’s Botched Injectables On His Public Insta & Go Off King

A Sydney surgeon's instagram caption roasting Vladimir Putin's fillers. The image is of Putin looking confused with a hand to his ear, as if he can't hear.

A Sydney-based doctor who specialises in facial injectables has thrown industry ethics to the wind and publicly made fun of Vladimir Putin‘s botched fillers. Normally this would qualify as uncomfy body-shaming but luckily fascists don’t deserve our compassion. Roast away, king.

Dr Jake Sloane describes himself as an “aesthetic doctor” that, according to his website, specialises in “natural-looking” results and will only work with patients who are into that style.

It makes sense then that the man seems personally incensed by Putin’s fillers, which certainly do not look natural, to the point where he publicly roasted them on his professional Instagram account.

Dr Sloane posted a before-and-after of Putin’s injectable journey with the caption: “When you Putin too much filler and look like [an] elderly Cushingoid cat”.

Honestly, I am screaming at what a hyper-specific yet weirdly accurate insult this is. For those of you who don’t know, a “cushingoid cat” is a cat suffering from Cushing’s disease, which can leave cats with unsightly skin wounds.

The cat comparison totally stands in a way I just can’t explain — he looks exactly like a smug hairless cat. In fact, there’s a whole Twitter thread on this resemblance.


But wait, there’s more to this Instagram post. Specifically Dr Sloane’s caption, which has me absolutely rolling.

“This is an isolated lapse of ethics where I will publicly ridicule someone for how ridiculous they look after injectables,” he wrote.

“Go fuck yourself, you complete and utter piece of shit.”

Potent. Succinct. This is the definition of “less is more”, and the man did not hold back. How will Putin ever recover? Not with more fillers, I can assure you.

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