Dumbass Politician Set Kitchen As Zoom Background To Hide Fact He Was Driving During Meeting

The pandemic has quite literally been plaguing our lives for over a year now, forcing folks around the globe to become well-acquainted with Zoom, but it looks like people are still fucking it up and going viral.

When I saw this story pop up, I legit thought it was an old yarn from last year that had resurfaced because I refused to believe that people were still making huge fuck-ups in Zoom meetings but nup, it’s both fresh as fuck and embarrassing as fuck.

An Ohio state senator by the name of Andrew Brenner got sprung partaking in a Zoom meeting while driving. How did he get sprung? Oh, I don’t know, because his bloody seatbelt was visible.

Check it out below:

The Ohio Senate is currently taking up a bill that would create additional penalties for distracted driver and a local newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch, pointed out the irony of the situation with this dumbass politician.

Monday’s meeting of the Ohio Controlling Board was just 13 minutes long, but the bloke was too busy to put that time aside and be in an actual fucking room. Brenner turned his camera on and off repeatedly throughout the meeting in an effort to disguise where he was actually calling from, apparently.

The politician can be seen at the start of the Zoom meeting sitting in his parked car, according to video available on the government website the Ohio Channel.

But, in the words of Judge Judy, “You can’t fix stupid.”