Shoutout To This Committed TV Journo, Who Kept Reporting After Being Hit By A Car Live On Air

A TV reporter deffo deserves a raise after she continued reporting after literally being hit by a car while on camera.

Now that’s what I call being committing to the job. True kudos to her, couldn’t be me.

Tori Yorgey, a reporter for WSAZ in West Virginia, USA was live-on-air reporting about a burst water pipe when she was bumped in the back by a car.

Well, I say bumped: the force of the car hit was so powerful that Yorgey went flying into the camera.

“I just got hit by a car, but I’m ok,” she said.

Now, for context: Yorgey was reporting by herself at night, on the side of the road, which seems very dangerous.

After being hit Tori (icon she is) could be heard talking off screen with the woman who hit her.

“We’re all good, I’m ok, you know, that’s live TV for you!” she said.

I hope that wasn’t in her contract. I’m imagining it now: ‘By the way, if you get hit by a car during a live cross you have to keep going. No, don’t ask about health insurance’.

Then Tori — who’s still on camera, BTW — reveals that this actually isn’t the first time she’s been hit by a car. Surely that’s the world’s worst luck.

“I actually got hit by a car in college too, just like that,” she said.

Tori, someone I am now officially obsessed with, repeatedly comforts the woman who hit her with her car, reassuring her that she’s ok.

The two reporters then continued their news broadcast because the show must go on always, apparently.

In a follow up interview, Tori confirmed that her boss took her to the hospital and that she didn’t have any broken bones.

During the OG video, she also revealed that the incident had happened on her last week at the job.

We can only hope that her next role involves sitting in a comfy office chair instead of live reporting from roads where you can literally get hit by a car.