TikTokers Are Losing It Over This Gold Coast Model’s Horny Snapchats & Is That A Fkn Dong?

Gals on TikTok are absolutely losing it over Gold Coast model Nathaniel Taplin and his extremely horny Snapchat selfies. As in, the very same selfies featuring, uh, dick and ball prints. Ready an ice-cold shower, folks, you’ll need one after reading this.

Who Is Nathaniel Taplin?

Nathaniel Taplin is a Gold Coast model and one-half of the TikTok duo Shay & Nate. Over on his TikTok, he dances and makes comedy skits like your typical TikTok account. But, over on Snapchat, the man posts what I am calling unhinged and extremely horny selfies that are making people evaporate.

In one photo, Taplin is at the gym with an almond latte in hand. The caption reads “Everyone else in the gym with protein shakes. Me[,] brings in an almond latte.” Wow, how quirky is he!

Contrary to the caption, however, people are fixated on a different kind of nuts in the photo: his human sperm containers poking out of his gym pants. It’s a lot. I mean, they are literally HANGING out. Have a horny look for yourself here:

Nathaniel Taplin

“Everyone else in the gym with protein shakes. Me… brings in an almond latte,” one TikToker said in a clip parodying his Snapchat caption.

“Nathaniel darling, I don’t think the only nuts in this gym are in your latte.”


#greenscreen Nathaniel spare us pls

♬ original sound – lib 🪰



In another pic, Taplin shares a top-down view of his lap in the car with an alarmingly large package seated underneath his clothes.

The caption: “Really loving the new kicks.” Bitch, where? The kicks mentioned in the caption are BARELY in the photo.

All I see is a giant ass fkn ding-a-ling-dong. A schlong. An absolute unit of a pumped-up blood vessel of an organ.

Again, take a look below if you dare.

Nathaniel Taplin

Does Nathaniel Taplin know what he’s doing?

A quick squiz through his TikTok, it isn’t hard to see that Nathaniel Taplin knows *exactly* what he’s doing to us.

In one recent video, the Gold Coast model pokes fun at the reactions to his snaps of food—including his assumedly edible dong—lip-syncing the words: “shut your bitch ass up, Troy.”



In another, he lip-syncs to the sound from another TikTok about the frustrations of being a woman and people telling you that your nipples are showing through your shirt, replacing the word “nipples” with “bulge” and “balls.” Bestie, I don’t think this is the same struggle you’re saying it is…

And look, ultimately, Taplin can show off what he wants to show off but you cannot tell me that this shit is accidental???


The irony of straight women thirsting over a man who makes gay TikToks

Hilariously, while a few of the people on TikTok frothing over Taplin are straight women, it seems that the Gold Coast model might be a bit… fruity.

After doing a dig through his TikTok, I found several TikToks joking about how he knew he was gay after watching Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan) and Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher) in Shameless, which, honestly same.


Then, there’s this TikTok parodying an alleged true story where Nathaniel “may or may not” have hooked up with a guy on Grindr, and not douched before getting his booty ate.

“Omg I forgot to douche,” he says, ass up in position.

“Like I give a shit,” the other guy apparently said, literal brown skid marks on Taplin’s mouth in the clip.

I—bestie, it’s not too late to delete this.


On one hand, it’s genuinely wild to me that the Snapchat supermodel that people on TikTok are calling a total straight fuckboi and frothing over, and this dude, is the same person. But, on the other side of the coin, go girl, get your coin. After all the queer community has endured during the plebiscite, maybe this is reparations.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Nathaniel Taplin for comment but he has not responded at the time of publishing.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article wrongly used the term cis-gendered women when we meant heterosexual. We understand that gender and sexuality are different and apologise for the error.