Myspace Seems To Be Making A Comeback W/ This New App So Hope You’re Ready To Ruin Friendships

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A Myspace clone has entered the building and yes, it includes a Top 8.

An app called Nospace is about to launch and a shitload of people (almost 100,000) have already signed up for the big reveal. Is it for curiosity? Is it for nostalgia? Or is it just to be a part of something that other people are becoming a part of? Whatever the reason, it’s bloody working.

What’s the bet the creator of Nospace saw the Facebook 2009 energy of Instagram Threads and jumped on this opportunity? Not complaining.

So far we don’t know too much about the incoming app. Nospace already has over 12,000 followers on Twitter, one of which is Paris Hilton and you know that’s hot.

Nospace’s Twitter bio is “some call it a comeback we call it a glow up” and really I just want to know if Tom is involved in any of this — and if he’ll be friends with us all once more.

“The App is a social networking platform that allows users to post information about themselves in a fully customizable [sic] manner, such as who they are, what they’re up to (status updates), what they’re reading or watching, and who their top friends are,” the app says in the Terms of Service section of its holding site.

It’ll be available to anyone who’s over 13 and it makes me kind of happy that the new generation of teenagers might get a look into the formative MySpace experience of Milennials. But also… scared too? Choosing a Top 8 was brutal.

Will there be coding? Will there be a bulletin board? And was it “like for like” or “comment for comment” — or both? I can’t fucking remember because 2003 was a long time ago — which is when Myspace officially launched.

If there’s anyone reading this who made it this far and didn’t experience Myspace in it’s heyday — well done / weird — but also, it was basically just a profile page that would ruin friendships (by making you prioritise them).

It also helped launched our self-obsession. Myspace walked so Instagram could run.

nospace myspace
i gave into the curiosity

I’d personally love a trip down memory lane with a Myspace clone — just unsure if I’ll hang around in there, namely because I don’t even know if I have eight friends anymore.

Also the whole agressive side-fringe thing look fucked on me.

If you’re keen, sign up for the fun here. I just did it.

Image: Twitter @popCrave