Bachie’s Keira Maguire Exposes The Weird Tricks Influencers Pull On IG To Get More Engagement

Former The Bachelor Australia star Keira Maguire has called out some of the shady tricks that her fellow influencers allegedly pull on Instagram.

Speaking to the After 20 podcast, Keira claimed: “There are a lot of attention seekers [on Instagram] and I see that behaviour a lot. That’s probably the only thing that annoys me on social media.”

She went on to claim that some of her fellow influencers supposedly edit their pics to make their “cellulite” appear even “worse.”

“Even those accounts that have the cellulite and stuff like that, they’ve edited those photos to make them look worse,” she claimed.

She said that these influencers “don’t really care” about promoting body positivity and are simply in it for the likes.

“That person is only doing that for the likes and the engagement, because they know it works,” she insisted.

Keira went on to say that using photoshop to enhance your flaws all for the sake of engagement “isn’t ‘healthy”, even if it ends up helping their followers “in some small way.”

“What I’m trying to say is, don’t believe everything you see. Whether it’s good or bad. Instagram is not real at all,” she said.

“But what you can do is control what you’re following and the way you’re looking at it.”

If Keira’s claims are accurate and influencers are actually exploiting peoples’ insecurities for engagement, then that’s beyond fucked up and these people to deserve to be banned from Instagram, if ya ask me.

But what’s equally fucked up is how Keira said stuff like “make their cellulite appear even worse,” as if having cellulite is something to be ashamed. Implying that it even looks bad in the first place is ridiculous.

It would be like saying you don’t like someone’s elbow. Uh, we all have one (two, in fact). So what kind of toxic moron would judge someone else for having them?

This whole thing sucks, TBH.

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