The Inspired Unemployed Hit 1M Followers & Treated Us To A Real Banger Of A Vid To Celebrate

Today is definitely a day for it ‘cos Instagram’s fave Aussie duo, The Inspired Unemployed, have officially cracked 1 million followers.

The boys, Matt Ford and Jack Steele, announced the news on their Instagram in true Inspired Unemployed fashion: with a funny as fuck video.

In the clip, the boys realise that they’re close to cracking a mill and they wonder what life will be like when it finally happens. Cue Fergie’s ‘Glamorous’ as they land from a helicopter and enter their lush new palace, complete with a pool, champagne, and bills being thrown in the air.

Then when they come back to reality and actually hit 1M IRL, they’re sitting at a local bus stop, before returning home and having to do their chores. Life, amirite?

Hailing from the south coast of New South Wales, the tradies have bucked the trend of the ~cool~ influencer by doing something that social media stars seldom do: take the piss out of themselves.

Speaking to Marie Claire Australia, the Inspired Unemployed bois explained that they “started making videos and then we just kept doing it” until they had a huge backlog to draw from.

“I think all the hard work before that, even though the videos were probably pretty shit, helped us so much. When people did go on the page, instead of just having one video, there was heaps to watch,” Jack said.

Then after their videos started going viral, they decided to quit their tradie jobs and put all their focus into their ‘gram game.

“That’s when it got real, and that was probably the scariest bit because you still don’t know if it’s going to work out,” Matt said. “We just thought, if we quit and just go hard at it, make as much as we can and see how it goes.”

The Inspired Unemployed have since become global sensations, having graced the pages of Vogue and GQ and were even shared by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna last year.

Another huge win last year was when The Inspired Unemployed collabed with THE ICONIC for their summer runway, Runway Everywhere.

If you’re not one of the 1 million folks already following them, go chuck ’em a follow and watch their vids for an instant shot of serotonin. Onya boys.