People Shared The Funniest Ways They Cooked It In 2022 If You Wanna Feel Better About Yourself

twitter embarrassing things moments 2022

A lot of us like to take some time over the turn of the new year to think about everything we achieved in the last 12 months. This is not about that wholesome activity. This is about an incredible collection of moments where people did something so stupid and embarrassing in 2022 that they wanted the Earth to swallow them whole.

Agent of chaos Rachel Millman posed a simple question to Twitter on December 31 — what was the funniest, stupidest thing you did in the last 12 months? And boy, did people deliver.

Millman kicked things off by offering up her own story of when she got norovirus (gastro) from a hot tub that she said was cloudy when she hopped in. When she thought she’d gotten away with it she ate alligator at an airport (???) and suddenly felt her guts get incredibly rotten.

Ma’am, I don’t know what did you dirtier the most.

Others shared the pinnacle of their stupidity in 2022 and it’s truly a treat to read.

The level of second-hand embarrassment I’m feeling right now is palpable. Mostly because this is absolutely something I would somehow do.

Oh my God, not this person exposing themselves as a Gleek. One of the top most embarrassing things for anyone who lived through the 2000s.

Legitimately thought this only happened in the movies and “Cape Feare”, the top-tier episode of The Simpsons.

Unreal, I would have simply just gotten up and walked out the door and handed in my resignation via email from the other side of the world.

Meanwhile, you could never get me to admit this. Not even with blackmail, torture or a million dollars.

My face feels hot just reading this but it’s absolutely one way to get the nickname “little man” to stick to your friend’s husband for the rest of time.

I cannot stop laughing at the mental image of this one.


Some people shared their physical fuck ups from 2022 which have made my entire body feel wobbly and weird. Fair warning, some of these are a lot.

A lot of people — and I mean a lot — had some deliriously funny moments (and frankly awful) while high off their gourds.

And finally, the one hilarious 2022 mistake that is so funny and embarrassing I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or scream into a pillow.

I’m speechless. I am without speech.

Let us hope and pray that 2023 is better. And if not, at least we’ll get some solid laughs out of all the truly embarrassing ways we fucked things up next New Year’s.

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