Attention VIC & NSW: This Adorable Website Shows You Where You’re Allowed To Picnic W/ Mates

Now that picnics are on the cards for NSW and Victoria, you’re probably wondering where you can meet your mates for one? There are definitely a few ways to figure it out, but personally this little website called Friendship Island is my fave.

I like this website the best because it lets you drop multiple pins for different friends, allowing you to figure out the perfect place for all of you to have a picnic.

I did one below for my mum’s house and mine in Melbourne. I was surprised how many parks actually fit within both of our 5km radiuses considering we live on either side of the city.

I also just love how cute the layout is, just looking at it makes me happy.

NSW and Victoria have slightly different rules for picnics, but luckily this website lets you know what you can and can’t do for both states.

In Victoria, groups of up to five fully-vaccinated adults can currently have a picnic together in the park within 10km of their home. Meanwhile, those who are unvaccinated or have only had one dose can meet up with one other person from another household for a picnic.

In NSW, fully-vaccinated adults are allowed to have outdoor gatherings of up to five people, including children —  but it must be within 5km of your home. Those who are not fully vaccinated can only gather outdoors with one other person.

Picnics might not seem like a lot right now, but it’s some much needed/deserved socialisation after weeks of lockdown. Being able to sit in the park with a few of my friends, or go for a walk with my mum has definitely boosted my mood.

So even though, it still sucks, this little website can make us feel a little bit more positive about our lack of freedoms right now.

Check out Friendship Island here.