Here’s A Selection Of The Spiciest Memes From The US Election Now It’s Finally Bloody Over

Election Memes, US Election

Obviously this week has been a lot, from waiting on the results of the US election to watching Donald Trump melt down on the daily to wondering if the state of Nevada would ever learn how to count. Fortunately, we’ve had a near-endless supply election memes to keep us distracted, and now Biden‘s won, they just keep coming.

Overnight, it’s fair to say that most of us were up into the very, very early hours, bathed in the light of our phones to see if the count had finally f’kn come through after what felt like weeks:

At first it seemed like Biden was behind, but then the postal votes came through, leading to this inspired and chaotic Avengers: Endgame tribute:

Luckily, we woke up to good news today after PENISsylvania was called for Daddy Joe:

This is not actually a meme, it’s just a really good video of Cynthia Nixon screaming that I think deserves more attention:

Through the week, we saw numerous election memes about Trump’s meltdowns, his baseless claims about cheating, and his insistence that the vote count either be stopped or keep going, depending on the day:

As it dragged on, the whole thing seemed like a bit of a joke:

Nevada copped a fair bit of heat, after taking forever to count its votes before finally declaring for Biden:

Many were overjoyed to see that both Georgia and Pennsylvania flipped blue:

The blue wave was real:

Now Biden and his VP pick Kamala Harris have won, we’re very much in the ‘now what?’ phase of election memes:

This feels like about as close as we’ll ever get to a concession speech from Trump: