This TikTok Where A Dude Frantically Guesses Paint Colours Is The Only Thing Keeping Me Sane

christian hull

Help! I cannot stop watching videos of Aussie comedian Christian Hull guessing paint colours and it’s honestly going to end up with me on an episode of My Strange Addiction.

If you’ve ever had to buy paint before, you’ll know that the process is pretty interesting. It doesn’t just come pre-made in the can, the lovely staff at your local Bunnings/Home Hardware/paint shop have to chuck it in a fancy whiz machine that swirls it around and makes whatever colour your heart desires. It truly makes me want to repaint my entire apartment every week just so I’ve got an excuse to watch it happen.

It’s mesmerising. ASMR! ART! The gift that keeps on giving, if I’m being quite honest.

Don’t believe me? Just watch.

@christianmhull##duet with @paintturner Burnt Orange aka my mum’s favourite restaurant in Sydney! ##guessthepaint♬ original sound – Brendan

There are so many different sides of TikTok, but Christian Hull basically has a monopoly on the “guessing what colour the paint will be” side and honestly, I’m not mad about it.

Apart from making me wish I could jump in a bucket of paint and go for a ride in this machine, the videos have also allowed me to get pretty gosh darn good at guessing paint colours.

@christianmhull##duet with @smittenkittensmittens WHY IS THIS SO FUN ##guessthepaint♬ Cooking – Oleg Kirilkov

I truly could watch these videos all day. The paint goes spin and my brain goes brrr.

@christianmhull##duet with @smittenkittensmittens this needs to be an app I can play. I’ve never had this much fun before! ##guessthepaint♬ Boccerinni Minuet – Classical Music

But nothing, and I mean NOTHING will ever bring me more joy than watching the moment he guesses correctly. My heart is so full. I love this man with every ounce of my being.

Christian Hull and his paint videos for president.

@christianmhull##duet with @smittenkittensmittens im getting good. Let’s be real it’s mostly guess work. ##guessthepaint

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod