Americans Are Losing Their Minds Over Our Aussie Accent Thanks To A Five Second Bluey Clip

bluey tiktok american accent australian accent

Americans on TikTok are going absolutely nuts over a five-second clip from Bluey because of the way a character pronounces the word “airport”. Another day, another bunch of US citizens acting shocked when they hear an accent that isn’t theirs.

In the clip, Bluey’s sister Bingo is told she’s going to the airport to which she simply replies: “Airport? I’m not going to the airport!” That’s literally it.

Here’s the clip below so you can see it for yourself.


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♬ bingo heeler saying airport like ehpowt – epilesbian on the side

The video’s sound has been used in more than 105k videos and counting. Yep, every American and their pet eagle has decided to film themselves reacting to an Aussie dog saying the word “airport”.

Most of the reaction TikToks involve Americans saying that the clip is so “oddly satisfying” because of how weird the voice is. They also spell Bingo’s pronunciation as “ehpowt”, which gives me hives.

In other videos, Americans posit that if you make your younger sister say the audio out loud, it will sound the same. Some also claim that if you say the Bluey audio out loud (and you’re American, but of course), it will reveal if you talk out of the side of your mouth.

My friends, not everything has to be a viral challenge. Just sit there and eat your sugary cereals in peace, PLEASE.


Im 24 years old with no kids and I stan bluey #bluey#bingo#trans #ftm #lgbt🌈

♬ bingo heeler saying airport like ehpowt – epilesbian on the side

Naturally, Aussies who have come across this viral TikTok sound are quite confused as to why it’s even a thing. I mean, this is literally how we speak, it’s not supposed to be brain-tingling ASMR.

“Literally every single Australian says it like this,” wrote one commenter.

“These Americans are over-exaggerating it that is literally how everybody in Australia says it,” wrote another.

“It’s super weird that they act like they have never heard any accent but their own,” wrote a third.

And my favourite: “I love Bluey but dear god has it revitalised the weird way Americans talk about our accents.”

Have we already forgotten the whole “CLEO” moment? Again, HIVES.


#duet with @rishikavinny #bluey

♬ bingo heeler saying airport like ehpowt – epilesbian on the side

If you need me I’m going to go wash my brain under some cold running water. I need to be cleansed. I need to rid myself of all American nonsense for the rest of time. Maybe I’ll also watch an episode of Bluey to heal my soul.

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