Abbie Chatfield Has Made A Video Response After Calling Out Fkd Fan Behaviour On A Night Out

Abbie Chatfield has called out fans via a tiktok

Australia’s favourite Gemini Abbie Chatfield has taken a moment to call out some truly cooked fan behaviour that she experienced on a night out with friends. You just KNOW shit’s serious when the video is filmed in the front seat of a car.

In a TikTok published on Sunday morning, Abbie spoke about a cooked interaction she had with a group of strangers while trying to have a boogie.

She also used the opportunity to make a broader point about the skewed way in which the general public both perceives and treats those in the public eye.


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“Something happened last night that proved to me that people have absolutely no boundaries when it comes to people they perceive, in the public eye. And they really don’t see them as human beings,” she began.

“So I was out for a staff party. It was very fun and I was having a very good night for the first time in a long time.

“I hadn’t gone out in ages. I don’t really go out ‘cos I don’t really like people recognising me. So I just sort of stay at home.”

Abbie then went on to describe an interaction with a random woman who slapped Abbie’s ass on the dance floor without her consent while she was attempting to groove with her mates.

The woman then asked Abbie to dance with her and upon Abbie’s refusal, proceeded to give Abbie the middle finger along with her other mates.

Real Mean Girls type behaviour, not gonna lie. Big ick.

“This person has now slapped my ass and then asked me to dance. I’ve said “no” because they’ve slapped my ass without consent. And then has given me “the finger” in public with all her little friends laughing,” Abbie recounted.

After confronting the girls directly after the incident, they began to film Abbie mid-conversation while attempting to play the victim.

As expected, the comments section of Abbie’s TikTok was filled with many non-cooked fans coming to her defence.

There has truly been a lot of chatter about toxic parasocial relationships in the media over the past year or so.

If you’re keen to learn more about how these warped perceptions of public figures negatively affect not only the celeb but also the fan, check out PEDESTRIAN.TV’s explainer on the social phenomenon here.

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