Young Woman Beaten To Death After Unintentional Photobomb

In a reminder that Australia isn’t the only country struggling with senseless dickheads and the tragedy of alcohol related violence, a 23-year-old girl has died after being assaulted by five people outside a trendy nightclub in Santa Ana, California.

The reason? A photobomb, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Kim Pham, a Huntington Beach Resident, was out at the The Crosby Club with friends when she was attacked by a group of three women and two men. An eyewitness claimed that Pham inadvertently walked in front of a group of clubbers who were getting their photo taken. A heated argument was then followed by what can only be described as a disgusting overreaction and a complete disregard for human life. The group beat Pham to the ground and stomped on her.

As it turns out, Australia isn’t the only country susceptible to a minority of dickheads drunkenly behaving in a way that shows such little compassion for their fellow man.

Business leaders from the local area are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the people involved in the beating. So far, only one arrest has been made, with police still searching through mobile phone footage of the attack.

So if anyone is planning on heading over to the USA best avoid walking in front of cameras or photobombing. Or, alternatively, just stay at home and drink. Turns out out it doesn’t take much these days…

Photo: via Facebook