80% Of Aussies Are More Concerned By Supermarkets Price Gouging Than Dutton’s War On Woolworths

Results for a recent poll by YouGov have shown that majority of Australian voters believe that supermarkets price gouging is more of a concern than them not selling Australia Day merchandise. Woah, what’s that? Peter Dutton was wrong about trying to start a Woolworths boycott? WhAt A sUrPrIsE tHaT iS?!?

The survey gathered 1532 responses across the political, age, geographic, education, class, and income spectrums, and found that only one in five voters backed Dutton’s calls to boycott Woolworths.

The supermarket had announced it would not be selling Australia Day products this year due to the lack of demand from consumers. This resulted in the Opposition Leader trying to start a culture war over the company forcing a “woke agenda” onto shoppers.

And it looks like Dutton’s big attempt to fan the flames of fury in voters has missed the mark, with only 20% of Australians estimated to support him in his “War on Woke”.

Meanwhile a whopping 66% of Australians expressed in the YouGov poll that their main concern was not a “woke agenda”, but the whole egregious price gouging thing that supermarkets are doing — DURING A COST OF LIVING CRISIS.

On top of that, 14% of those polled stated that they support the decision Woolworths made, bringing the total of those who don’t give two shits about Dutton’s culture wars to 80%.

YouGov’s poll data represented via pie chart. Source: YouGov.

And it wasn’t just one political demographic who thought so.

According to YouGov’s data, people on both sides of politics agreed that the price rises were their main concern.

Those polled were asked what they voted in last year’s Indigenous Voice To Parliament referendum, so that the data could show what both ‘Yes’ and ‘No voters thought of the issue.

About a third of those who voted ‘No’ also supported Dutton’s boycott. However the same third was represented by ‘Yes’ voters who supported Woolies’ decision to not sell Australia Day merchandise.

And the remaining two thirds of punters, on either side of the referendum issue, all agreed that the price gouging has got to stop.

“A friend is one who has the same enemies you have.” – Abraham Lincoln. Source: YouGov.

So, if you were a keen political operative who was looking to win votes, one of the best things you could do is take a stand against the thing that has the highest majority of supporters.

Unfortunately for Dutton, this data was not available prior.

But hey, when you roll the dice, you pay the price!

As well as quizzing voters for their perspective on this issue, YouGov also surveyed folks on the general issue that is changing the date of Australia Day.

Results found that only 49% of those surveyed believed that January 26 should celebrate Australia Day, just less than half.

Should we #ChangeTheDate? Source: YouGov.

The remaining 51% was split by those who believed that Australia Day should be changed to a different day (21%), and those who say there should be two public holidays that “celebrates old and new” (30%).

Of those surveyed, 41% cited that their favourite thing about the current Australia Day was having a day off work.