If you’ve not been following the utterly bizarre Tromp family saga, let me give you a quick recap: 

  • The Tromp family (father Mark, wife Jacoba, and adult children Mitchell, Ella and Riana) decide to leave their home in Silvan, Victoria to go on a “technology-free” family road trip, apparently doing so in quite a rush – leaving car keys in ignitions.
  • At some point in the trip it comes out that Mitch has his phone on him, the phone is then thrown out the window.
  • On the second day of the trip, Mitch decides to bail, getting out in Bathurst and catching the train home.
  • On the same day, the family drives to the Jenolan Caves in NSW. The two daughters also decide to make their exit, with Riana hospitalised for stress-related issues in Goulburn after being discovered in the tray of a ute unable to remember her own name, and Ella beginning to drive home in a car that was not hers or stolen.
  • The day after, police pull over a man they believe to be Mark, but he flees and cops fail to find him again.
  • The next day, Jacoba is found and taken to hospital in Yass, where she too is treated for stress related concerns.
  • A few days later, Mark is found near Wangaratta Airport.

Well, quick-ish recap.

It’s still completely unclear what went down, with the kids telling the press that the whole thing was too bizarre to explain. Local policeman Mark Knight told reporters that he’s baffled, that he knows the family and that there’s no history of mental illness diagnosis or drug use, none of them have debts and none of them are members of a church or a sect.

Ella Tromp is the first member of the family to face charges in the fallout of the events. The 22 year old is being charged with theft of a car and possessing proceeds of crime after stealing a car to drive back to the family home after separating from her parents.

Riana, 29, was also charged with stealing a car, but the charges were dropped under NSW’s Mental Health Act.

I am extremely eager to find out what actually went down, and thankfully all of them are in good health so it’s not in super poor taste to be curious about it. Still a bit in poor taste though.

My bets are on either aliens or some sort of ‘Babadook-type situation.

Source: SMH.

Photo: YouTube / Sky News.