A year ago today, same sex couples were allowed to marry in Australia for the very first time, after a landmark bill was passed in the ACT. Five days later, however, the federal government overturned the legislation in the high court, saying that it was inconsistent with national laws, and invalidating the marriages of 31 couples.

This week, in a pretty damn solid gesture of support, leading international non-profit organisation GLAAD has asked people around the world to sent messages of support to those couples, on what would have been their first anniversary. They have asked supporters to take to social media using the hashtag #5DaysOfEquality, and will later hand-deliver messages of support to Canberra.

“Equality starts with personal stories,” GLAAD’s CEO Sarah Kate Ellis told Mashable. “For the 31 couples in Australia whose marriages were robbed from them, we want them to know that there are many people across the globe who recognise and celebrate their love and commitment. By sharing their stories, we can show people around the world the importance of marriage protections for all loving couples.”

via Mashable