This Woman’s Pristine 159-Strong Croc Collection Is What The Inside Of My Brain Looks Like

A woman has made headlines after sharing her Croc collection with the internet. The collection includes 159 pairs of Crocs and 700 (!!!) Jibbitz, the charms that can be added to the holes in Crocs.

Rayann Prophet, who also goes by ‘Croc Queen’ on TikTok, has already amassed a whopping 377k followers and over 23 million likes on the platform, where she posts videos of her Croc collection.


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One of the most unhinged videos includes the gallery-esque wall space in her bedroom which displays all 159 Crocs in a colour-coded fashion.

“Why have an empty wall when you can have a Croc wall?” Rayann says.

No joke, if you could visualise the state of my mental health, THIS is what it would look like.

Over on her TikTok, she also includes videos of her favourite pairs, including Crocs in the shape of Lightning McQueen from Cars, a Margaritaville pair, and several other Disney-themed Crocs.

“Lightning McQueeeeeeeeen!!! LIGHTNING MCQUEEEEEEEN!”

Naturally, it has people divided.

In one camp, you have the staunch Croc fanatics, with many dreaming about growing their collection to Rayann’s heights one day.

“Awesome collection. I’m a Crochead too — my collection is 127 pairs of Crocs I be wearing Crocs since 09,” one person wrote.

“I love seeing people’s collections of literally anything it makes me happy,” another said.

“Lightning McQueen Crocs NOW!!! Give me them,” another commented.

Others were more sceptical about the collection, calling out the pointless nature of it, as well as how expensive they were.

“Okay but like why?” one said.

“$75 for a pair of Crocs??? What is going on?” another said.

It’s understandable. Using the power of general maths, I’d estimate that Croc Queen’s collection adds up to over $12,000 — and that’s not even including her expensive limited edition Crocs or her collection of over 700 Jibbitz. Holy fkn shit dude.

Perhaps one of the most simultaneously wholesome and deranged moments is Rayann’s collection of Crocs for specific occasions, including Christmas Crocs, Valentine’s Day Crocs, Halloween Crocs, and ‘party’ Crocs (because you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing everyday Crocs at a party).

Her Croc collection is honestly one of the most unhinged and beautiful things I’ve seen in my life.

I love you Croc Queen, never change.