A US Woman Is Going Viral For Applying To Her Own Job Listed At A Higher Salary By Her Company

woman applies for own job

A woman in the US has made the boss move of reapplying for her own job after it was listed online for thousands of dollars more than she was originally getting paid. But hang on, how the fuck is this possible? Is inflation really doing us this dirty or is this another case of corporate fuckery?

According to her Twitter bio, Kimberly Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American poet and online user experience writer from New York City.

Earlier in the week, Nguyen made an absolute splash online by Tweeting a thread about her experience getting done majorly dirty by her employer.

“I have also been arguing for months about the pay inequity. I have told my managers multiple times that I know I’m being underpaid,” she wrote on Twitter.

“I have gotten the run-around, and they know they can do this right now in a tough labour market.”

She has pretty much created her own glassdoor.com and we respect her for that.

In a 13-Tweet thread, Nguyen continued to absolutely flame her company for its handling of her as an employee and the the situation more broadly.

“Thanks to salary transparency laws, I see that they intend to pay this person [USD] $32k-$90k more than they currently pay me, so I applied,” the writer said.

I don’t want to hear one more peep out of them about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“I don’t wanna see any more of our C-suite execs recommend books for women’s history month.

“There were tangible actions they could’ve taken and they chose to perform these values. No thank you.”

Before long, Nguyen Tweeted that the company had taken the job ad down and re-posted it as a separate listing.

What a MESS.

At the time of writing, Nguyen’s original Tweet had been viewed over 12 million times and had received over 220,000 likes.

She finished the string by announcing she was definitely still in the hunt for a new UX writing role. So, if anyone knows of one going, maybe chuck our gal a follow on LinkedIn?

The name of the company was never disclosed during the thread. Most likely for legal purposes. Fair.

At the height of the Twitter storm, Buzzfeed asked Nguyen if the company had responded to her actual application.

“LOL, no. I’m actually pretty sure they’re going to fire me for this whole debacle.” 

It’s giving toxic relationships 101. Just leave, girl!!!