When Human Sweep Of Hair Harry Met Lara Bingle

Regular documenter of inexplicable adventures with celebs, Lara Bingle seems to be totally in with One Direction‘s good looking dude Harry Styles, after posting a photo on Instagram today. Judging from the crowd behind them and the hasty, blurry, #nofilter candidness of the snap, it looks like Lara and Harry might not actually be BFFs yet—it seems like any ordinary kind of meet and greet. My question, then: who approached who? Is LB just like any other grovelling “Directioner”, or is Harry Styles the number one fan of our Aussie Babe? You decide:

Most interesting, however, is the photo Lara Bingle posted to her feed the day before. I dare you to compare these equally kewt photos and play Spot The Difference, because as far as I’m concerned there is NOTHING separating the two snaps whatsoever: