Western Australia Will Reopen Pubs From Next Week, As Long As You Don’t Have *Just* A Drink

Starting from next Monday, people in Western Australia will be allowed to invite mates over, go to the park, and even go to the pub (sort of) as the state further eases lockdown restrictions.

The limit on all gatherings will be upped from 10 to 20 people, regardless of whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

“Western Australia now needs to get moving and get our economy going again,” Premier Mark McGowan said on Sunday.

“We’ve picked things that create the most jobs, the most life, the most vitality and get the most people back to work in the safest way we possibly can.

“These are pretty small steps and they’re steps which are taken with very careful consideration to the public health risks.”

Restaurants and cafes will also be allowed to reopen for customers to eat-in, but again, the 20-person limit will apply. Customers will also have to sit four square metres apart from one another.

This will also include pubs, but there’s one catch: you can’t go in for a bev just yet. Meals are totally fine, but just having a drink is still off-limits for the time being.

At all of these venues, the limit won’t include staff. However all customers will have to leave their details for contact tracing purposes.

Gyms will also be able to reopen, as long as there are fewer than 20 people and nobody uses shared equipment.

But pretty much everything else – think cinemas, salons, clubs, playgrounds and skateparks – will remain off-limits for the time being.

On the same day, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian made a similar announcement about eased restrictions, while on Friday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison unveiled a three-step plan to exiting lockdowns.

Time to circle May 18 on your calendars, folks.