Most Of WA Will Go Into Lockdown On Sunday Night After A Hotel Security Guard Tested Positive

Most of Western Australia will go into lockdown for five days, after a hotel quarantine security guard tested positive to COVID-19.

Perth, Peel and the South West will go into lockdown from 6pm Sunday (today) until 6pm Friday, according to WA Premier Mark McGowan.

McGowan said there there is a possibility that this new case is the UK variant of COVID-19.

“This is an extremely fast moving situation,” he said.

“I know for many West Australians this will come as a shock. This is a very serious situation and each and everyone of us has to act responsibly.”

Schools, pubs, clubs, playgrounds and gyms will be closed. Restaurants will be takeaway only.

There will be no visitors allowed in the home and there will only be four essential reasons to leave home.

  • Shopping for essentials like groceries, medicine and necessary supplies.
  • Medical or healthcare needs, including compassionate requirements and looking after the vulnerable.
  • Exercise within their neighbourhood, but only with one other person and only for one hour per day.
  • Work, where you cannot work from home or remotely.

Masks will also be mandatory for any essential travel, including on public transport.

According to the ABC, the security guard’s household members have tested negative this morning. But this does not mean there won’t be more positive test results.

Western Australians have had no COVID-19 cases for the last 10 months, but today that streak has been brought to an abrupt end.

“Throughout the pandemic the response to the pandemic in WA has been second to none. Now we are asking for your help once again,” McGowan said.

“Act calmly, this is crucial.”