The New South Wales Liberals have apparently pushed for the Federal Government to establish a national series of debates on the science of climate change, with the aim of determining whether – you guessed it – it’s all “been settled.”

During a state council gathering over the weekend, the party decided it’d be a splendid idea to pit actual, bona fide researchers from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change against “independent” climate change denialists. 

We’re sure that’d be a cordial affair. 

What’s more, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was in attendance before a vote on the matter was cast. That’s important, because the PM has previously veered towards the consensus take on climate change. 

Fairfax reports he was actually heckled by his own party because of that stance before the vote. After he vanished – like the polar ice caps, heyooo – the motion to push for the debates passed, with apparently 70 percent of attendees giving it the thumbs up to the traveling roadshow of ignorance disguised as even-handedness. 

The concept of the debates being held in Sydney, Melbourne, and elsewhere around our increasingly hot country will now be put towards the World’s Best Minister / environment minister Greg Hunt. The guy who played a big role in nixing the carbon tax in the first place. 

Still, worse votes could have passed – like the postponed motion to ask Turnbull to reconsider our commitment to the United Nations on the issue. 

Sigh forever. 

Source: Sydney Morning Herald. 
Photo: Stefan Postles / Getty.