WATCH: Yr M8 Tom Tilley Absolutely Ate Shit Motorbiking Over The Weekend

Whether you think of Tom Tilley as the beloved, erudite host of Triple J’s current affairs show Hack, or as the both-sides-are-valid centrist who allows Neo-Nazis airtime, there’s one thing we can all agree on: the handsome dude’s got a hell of a rig.

The tall adonis, who you would definitely smooch on the mouth (don’t lie), put that rig through some trials on the weekend, heading out to Mudgee to do some motorcross, and it DID NOT end well.

Let’s talk.

Announcing via his Facebook page that he won’t be back hosting Hack right away this week due toabsolutely eating shit on a motorbike, Tilley shared a video recap which shows him hitting the humps (idk what the terminology is soz) and then the aftermath of him taking a big ol’ stack:

Unforch for you sadists out there, the footage of him, in his words, “flipp[ing] a motoX bike mid-air going over a tabletop” is either non-existent, or taken out to save him some face, but it does look like a gnarly mishap went down for the poor bugger.

Tilley copped a broken thumb and a “probable” broken foot as a result of his daredevilry.

Get well soon Tom, you bloody hoon.