Friday mornings usually mean one thing for Aussie music fans and that’s waking up to a (hopefully) tasty cover song from triple j’s Like A Version segment.

Well this morning Like A Version can go E.A.D., cause the one and only cover song you need to hear right now is precious, perfect angel-human Lorde‘s take on everyone’s favourite air-drumming masterpiece In The Air Tonight.

Jog Off ‘Like A Version’, Lorde Covered Phil Collins For BBC & It’s All TimeI CAN FEEL IT.

(To be honest, at the time of writing LAV hasn’t even gone down yet so no offence to whoever’s doing that this morning, this is just too important to me RN.)

Sitting in the BBC Live Lounge studio in London, the Kiwi Goddess churned out a deliciously pared back version of her banger Green Light, before diving on into your Dad’s favourite artist Phil Collins and his iconic feels-laden tune.

Ugggggghhhhhhh yesssssssss.

You should hundo check out her smooth af, subdued take of Green Light whilst you’re here, if only because it’s the song of 2017 and I demand it of you:


Source: BBC
Image: YouTube / BBC1