Watch: Young Australians Tackle Cyber Bullying In New Video Campaign

Real talk: picking up where last week’s National Cyber Security Awareness Week left off is a new campaign by Melbourne-based anti-bullying and youth leadership organisation, Project Rockit, which aims to not only raise awareness of the increasing severity of cyber bullying but of those young Australians actually doing something to curb incidents of online abuse through actively speaking out against it. 

I knew this GIF (written with a hard G) would come in handy one day:
Lending a face, hand and a hashtag to the Stop Watching campaign and its accompanying awards are actor Lincoln Younes, Owl Eyes front-woman Brooke Addamo, Seven News journo Laurel Irving and hirsute broadcaster Paul Verhoeven, all of whom star in a video accompanying the campaign detailing their experiences with cyber bullying and calling for an end to a silent, passive bystander culture.
You can find out more about the Stop Watching campaign and awards here or on Facebook.