The widespread damage from the (hashtag) Sydney storm has made shit pretty grim but there is a very tiny upshot to all this: some very lucky people get to get up close and personal with adorable baby seals taking shelter from the waves.

WATCH: Tiny Seal Pup Evacuates Huge Bondi Swell During #SydneyStorm

Some lucky bastard, apparently named “Julian“, took the video of a cute little seal pup flippering up some stairs at Bondi to get out of the hectic waters.

Being the concerned citizen that he is, Julian sent the video to a local butcher (as you do), who shared it to their Facebook page.

The extreme weather has been the product of a powerful East Coast low (great band name) that has caused massive damage to QLD, NSW, VIC and Tasmania, in addition to claiming several lives.

Way less depressing than that, here’s a cute animal vid:

Photo: Facebook.