Bondi Beach Got A Visit From A Huge Antarctic Leopard Seal On Vacay

Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most famous tourist attractions. So really, it should be no surprise that Mr Leopard Seal trekked up from Antarctica to soak up some sun.

Police were called to Bondi Beach this afternoon after the seal was spotted hanging out with the tourists.

Officers set up a 50m exclusion zone around the apex predator, out of a fear that he might get a little hungry. And honestly, if you’ve ever been to Bondi, you’d be pretty stoked to get a whole 50 metres to yourself.

Unlike your typical fur seal, leopard seals are fierce as hell. If you’re unfamiliar with their ferocity, this clip from Happy Feet sums it up pretty well.

This terrifying creature usually just eats penguins and other Antarctic creatures, but I’m sure if a tourist got in its way it wouldn’t be scared to have a nibble. And apparently, police had that same fear and were quick to SEAL off the area! Sorry.

The good news is, the seal appears to be happy and healthy. Despite a few disturbances to beachgoers, this story has a happy ending. Shockingly, nobody ended up being this leopard seal’s afternoon snack.

“The seal did not appear to be in distress and remains in the care of animal welfare officers.” Police officers confirmed.

Although the toothy beast calls the Antarctic home, it’s not the first time we’ve seen one this far north. This friendly visit comes just a day after another leopard seal was spotted at Wellington’s Oriental Bay. Not sure if this is global warming calling our name, but I sure hope we don’t need to start worrying about leopard seals on our beaches any time soon!

We don’t know how long the seal will remain on the beach, but I’m sure like most tourists, the novelty of Bondi will eventually wear off.