WATCH: This Makeup Tutorial Shows You How To Do Blackface ‘Respectfully’

With all the news about Opals player Liz Cambage calling out a teammate for going to a party in blackface, there’s bound to be some people out there who have some questions. 

How can I dress up as a Person of Colour for my next fancy-dress party? How can make blackface work? Is it possible to do blackface while not offending anyone? 
Well, this makeup tutorial says it better than this writer ever could. In a easy-to-follow and thorough tutorial, COPE ST Collective shows you how you can dress as a PoC *without* being offensive.
Enjoy! We know we did:

Bjorn’s make up tips! xo

A lot of whitefellas have been asking how to do blackface properly… well Cope ST’s Bjorn has the answers right here on his make up tips channel!

Posted by Cope ST Collective on Sunday, 21 February 2016

Man, we wish we could sit Jacqui Lambie and Madonna King down and force them to watch this video over and over again. 
They both appeared on SBS The Drum today, spewing out ‘Boomer Anti-Censorship Bingo’ phrases until anyone with half a brain felt like bashing their skull against their computer:

Is it so hard to understand that the only people who can dictate what is and isn’t racist, are people who are on the receiving end of it? 

“What happened to the good ol’ days?!” says Jacqui. Oh, you mean the “good ol’ days” when our country was forcibly separating Aboriginal children from their families, right? ‘Man, I miss those good ol’ days when I could demonise, abuse, and make fun of minorities without anyone telling me I was being a complete and utter fuckwit!’
It’s not about taking away opinion… it’s just that when it comes to the subject of racism, the opinion from a Person of Colour matters the most. You can still say whatever you want. Doesn’t mean anyone’s gonna take ya rambling seriously. Maybe try listening, instead.
Source: COPE ST Collective / SBS.