WATCH: This Bad Lip Reading Of Trump’s Inauguration Will Lighten The Mood

Laugh or cry. Those are the two options after the frankly unbelievable first week of Donald Trump‘s Presidency.
And if you’re tired of crying (and to the small handful of incessant repeat commenters who apparently like to torture themselves by constantly reading this website despite the fact they clearly hate it: no, that’s not a cue to spam the same boring-ass crying-Hillary-supporter memes) here’s this instead.
The blessed geniuses at Bad Lip Reading have set their sights on Trump’s inglorious Inauguration ceremony, producing a vidya that is at once extremely funny, and scarily close to the actual subtext of the whole shebang.
Worth it alone for the footage of Trump and Melania dancing with the music removed, which for whatever reason takes it from casually weird to profoundly upsetting.

The real MVP? George Dubya and his Big Boy Shirt. May he never have to wear one again.

Source: YouTube.