Who among us can say that we haven’t been struck by a Maccas craving at an inopportune moment? Someone walks past you with a hash brown while you’re on a train platform on the way to work and all of a sudden you’re deciding that getting fired is probably worth just one bite of that sweet, sweet breakfast menu…

But most of us don’t get around in a fucking helicopter, so it’s not a massive deal when we make a shamefaced drive-thru run. Most of us, in other words, aren’t this bloke, who has flown in a god damn chopper to a McDonald’s in Sydney‘s north-west, left it running, nipped inside for some nuggets, and just taken off. 


According to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, the pilot is not technically doing anything against the law if the owner of the land gave them permission. They are still investigating the whole gob-smacking incident. 

As for the chopper pilot? We assume he’s making a KFC run as we speak. Keep living your best life, mate. Sky’s the limit. 

WATCH: Sydney Loose Unit Does The Ultimate Macca’s Run Via Chopper

Source: 9NEWS.

Image: YouTube.