Watch A Police Chopper Tell Sunbathers On A Sydney Beach To Fuck Off Or Cop A Lockdown Fine

Gordons Bay, Sydney

Ever seen a bunch of sunbathers get dispersed by a police helicopter? Well that’s exactly what happened at Gordons Bay in Sydney over the weekend.

Apparently too many people had crowded into that tiny beach during Sydney’s lockdown, so the cops turned on their helicopter siren (yep, that’s a thing) and told people to skedaddle out of there. The incident was then posted to TikTok.

“Attention please, attention please, this is a police helicopter. Will everyone congregating in Gordon’s Bay please move on,” the cops said through a loudspeaker on the helicopter.

“The local police have been notified and will be attending shortly. Anyone breaching the public health order will be issued a fine.”


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NSW Police had been on particularly high alert over the weekend due to talks of another anti-lockdown protest in Sydney’s Inner West, which thankfully turned out to be a fizzer.

The lack of rabid anti-lockdown protesters running around the CBD allowed the cops to turn their attention towards other potential infringements of the stay-at-home restriction.

With everything shut but outdoor exercise still allowed, heading to the local beach or park has become a favourite activity for locked-down Sydneysiders.

But sunbaking is pretty much the opposite of exercise, and in a cramped little cove like Gordons Bay, social distancing isn’t always possible.

If sending in the choppers to disperse beachgoers seems heavy-handed, wait ’til you hear about the unvaccinated ADF soldiers being sent in to door knock in Western Sydney, which is pretty fucked.

Anyway, the moral of this particular TikTok is not to crowd small beaches during lockdown which, tbh, is a not a huge ask.