Watch Stephen Fry Fry Russian Anti-Gay Propaganda Law Writer Vitaly Minolov

The incredible serveur of tasty smack downs delivered with the utter eloquence only a British comedian/writer/QI veteran could ever attempt, Stephen Fry has once again—politely—handed Russia its arse, bon appètit, over its messed up anti-gay propaganda laws that have been spreading bigotry, violence and inequality about the nation faster than a shirtless Vladimir Putin riding bareback in to the sunset. Russia, pls.

In all seriousness, the anti-gay propaganda laws in Russia that have created a surge in homophobic violence and has threatened the country’s Sochi Winter Olympics next year; conveniently hazy details about the laws boil down to, essentially, a homophobic attack, and a normalisation of ostracising the LGBT community. It’s sometimes difficult to remember that we’re living in 2013.

Stephen Fry has already spoken out about the laws and called for the UK to boycott the 2014 Olympics by saying, “An absolute ban on the Russian Winter Olympics of 2014 on Sochi is simply essential.” Now, after the debate that emerged after a podium kiss between two female Russian athletes has cooled, Stephen Fry is back to remind us that Russia’s Anti Gay Laws: Still Fucked Up.

In an interview with Deputy Vitaly Minolov, a key player in writing the anti-gay propaganda laws, Stephen Fry shuts down every thinly-veiled-homophobic word that emerges from Minolov’s mouth. 

After dealing with Minolov dismissing Fry’s suggestion that Tchaikovsky could be used to inspire homosexual youths, calling out an inequality among the authorities when police turned away a woman who was raped because she was a lesbian, and hearing Minolov say that “Gay people – most of them are lying about their problems, because they would like to be favored..”, Stephen Fry had, understandably, had enough. 

“You really ought to stop, because you’re making a great fool of yourself on the camera. This is going to be shown around the world, and if people hear you speaking like this, they’re going to think so little of Russia, they’re going to think, ‘is this man actually allowed to use the street and the telephone? Let alone be a politician?’” Stephen Fry said.

Watch Stephen Fry set Vitlay Minolov in his place below.