WATCH: Oz Sketch Lords ‘Fancy Boy’ Show The US Prez To His New (Head) Job

Oh boy do we ever love ourselves a good bit of sketch comedy ’round these parts. Even better when it happens to come from demented Aussie legends.
If you’ve fallen deep enough down the live comedy rabbit hole over the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly heard the word about Fancy Boy, a troupe of largely Melbourne-based comics digging deep into their most depraved material and churning out festival performances so fucking twisted that they had to be seen to be believed.
The group, which took out the coveted Golden Gibbo award at the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival for a late-night variety show that quickly became the must-see show in town, has scored themselves a brand new sketch series through ABC iView, which is due to premiere in just a coupla weeks.
The group put up a teaser sketch from the series today, starring main players Stuart Daulman and Greg Larson showing the incoming US President exactly what secret duties the POTUS has to perform in order to keep the world humming.
Be warned, there’s a fair twist in this one.

A sexy twist, if world leaders gobbing off aliens is your idea of a party.
Fancy Boy‘ premieres on iView come Thursday November 8th.
As an added bonus, US pals can catch it all on Seeso from January 16th. Because when something’s this shithot, it’s selfish just to keep it to ourselves.
Prepare your brains, dear friends. They’re gonna get wrinkled.

Source: Fancy Boy/YouTube.