WATCH: Inside The Same Sex Formal ACL Supporters Tried To Shut Down

Okay this is beautiful and v. emotional, and you should be warned as such.

Remember that Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal that Australian Christian Lobby supporters tried to derail a few months back?

It was literally a formal where LGBTIQ teens could go and celebrate their beautiful diverse selves, and yet for some reason, a bunch of knobjockeys thought it was hosted by Satan himself, another cog in the ‘Marxist agenda’ that was pushing Safe Schools onto our obviously 100% straight and cisgendered kids.
The aforementioned knobjockeys set about buying as many tickets as possible (the more they bought, the less LGBTIQ teens could buy), but happily their efforts backfired spectacularly.
A crowdfunding page aimed at sponsoring tix for teens raised almost $50,000, which was more than enough for the formal to go ahead, and meant that a bunch of homophobic and transphobic jerkfaces ended bought a $40 ticket for nothing. Boo.
Anyway, the formal took place over the weekend, and Minus18 – the folks behind this A+ initiative – made a pretty dope video about the whole thing. Check it out:

Photo: Supplied.