LGBTIQ Aussies Are Using #TheyGetToVote To Share Homophobic Abuse Stories

We can all agree that whilst we’re currently getting out in force to campaign ferociously for the ‘Yes’ vote in the ongoing same-sex marriage postal survey, the very fact the queer community is being forced to have the validity of their relationships put to a public vote at all is, quite frankly, utter bullshit.

Despite noted fuckbag and Australian Christian Lobby headboy Lyle Shelton blithely stating yesterday that “homophobia doesn’t exist much in Australia”, anyone who’s ever had a conversation longer than a sentence with someone LGBTIQ knows how insanely incorrect that is and having our status as human beings worthy of equality under the spotlight has unfortunately opened up old wounds.

Rightfully taking offence to this insidious statement, as well as yesterday’s tweet from Rugby star Israel Folau stating he is voting ‘No’ despite his “love and respect [for] all people” (*COGNITIVE DISSONANCE KLAXON*), comedian and writer Josh Thomas kick-started the hashtag #TheyGetToVote, in an effort to shine a light on the rampant and at times incredibly violent acts of homophobia most queer Australians have suffered in their lives.

Starting off with some harrowing stories of his own, with other LGBTIQ members joining in with their own heart-wrenching tales of abuse and discrimination, the hashtag quickly became a powerful indictment of what the ‘Yes’ campaign is truly fighting for: a safer, more inclusive, accepting society where our status as equals in the eyes of the law filters down to communities across the country.

As unnerving and unpleasant reading all of these experiences are, this is the reality of life as a queer person in Australia and depressingly elucidates how truly fucked putting an oft-abused minority’s human rights to a huge public “debate” and vote truly is.

Homophobia and its impacts are real and widespread in modern Australia. You can help continue to dismantle it in the coming days by voting ‘Yes’ in the postal survey, encouraging others to do so and looking out for your queer friends, family and colleagues. It’s fucking rough out there, now in particular.

We can do this friends. Lets kick homophobia squarely in the dick with a huge ‘Yes’ result.