WATCH: Daniel Andrews & Clem Ford Talk Melbourne’s Gang Violence On ‘Q&A’

After a spate of violence as seemingly random as the recent street brawls in Melbourne, you can expect some pretty vigorous debate as to why exactly a sizable collection of humans decided to be absolute dickheads. 

Fortunately for us, tonight’s episode of Q&A featured the state’s Premier Daniel Andrews and commentator / zero-shit-taker Clementine Ford, who both unleashed some pretty hot takes on the whole mess. 

Their arguments’ defining factors were… well, about the groups’ defining factors. While other pollies have pondered the issue – looking at you, Bernardi – Andrews suggested the common theme wasn’t race, religion or cultural background. No sirree, it was a result of their low socio-economic background, or as Andrews called it, their lacking “economic integration”:

However, Ford identified an even broader contributing factor: there were seemingly very few females taking part in the shitshow, and that, she said, is a reflection of some dangerous masculine ideals represented in Australia: 

“There’s a backlash against identifying it as coming from masculinity, and coming from a specific form of toxic masculinity as well. Obviously, men aren’t born being violent, but there is something I think in the society that we live in which breeds a sense of entitlement, a sense of retaliation”. 

We’re willing to chalk it up to a little of column A, a little of column B, and a lot of garden-variety stupidity. The ability to have a decent discussion where uncomfortable views can be shared is an absolute bloody gift, though. 

Source: ABC. 
Photo: ABC / Twitter.