WATCH: Costumed Fans Talk All Your Game of Thrones Shocks, Withdrawal Feels

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It’s that time of year again. The time when we shrivel into shells of our former selves as winter arrives (no longer COMING, dammit) and we realise all the shows that kept us alive through summer and autumn have ended, and we’ve binged on everything Netflix has to offer. We know, too much.

But it’s never enough. More must be consumed. “Hoooowww?!” you wail from under the covers. “Whaaaat?!” you cry over lonely mugs of tea or glasses of wine of a night.

Fear not, you are not alone. We asked some characters at the Supernova Pop Culture Expo to commiserate with you, via video, by sharing their thoughts on the latest Game of Thrones season and their predictions for the next.

Some could barely form words about Stannis. Many wild theories that revived departed, but beloved, major characters were heard. Big shout out to the girl who threw Khaleesi-esque shade in our direction, or possibly to her S.O, as he launched on one particular theory. A few spoilers though, watch yo self. 


If that wasn’t enough to fill the big ~ CERTAIN CHARACTER ~ sized hole in your heart, do not despair

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It’s gonna be okay guys. 
Feature image via HBO