Watch Banksy’s Provocative Meat-Industry Statement ‘Sirens Of The Lambs’

Following up the perplexing Rebel Rocket Attack for his New York Artist Residency, elusive street artist Banksy has dropped his latest provocative artistic statement.

This time, instead of crushing our childhood memories by slaughtering Dumbo, Banksy’s appropriately punny artwork Sirens of The Lambs sees 60 adorable stuffed animals hang limply and pathetically out of a salughterhouse-bound truck. Emitting high pitched screeches throughout the Meatpacking district (obviously) in Manhattan, the audio guide for Sirens of The Lambs states that the work is either “Making some sort of comment on the casual cruelty of the food industry” or forging “an attempt at something vague and pretentious about the loss of childhood innocence”. 
One thing’s for sure. Sirens of The Lambs certainly is scaring the crap out of babies (0:44) and teens (0:14) alike, so…job well done?
The audio guide also points out that the work may have some deep-set roots: “From what we know of Banksy he spent time working in a butcher’s shop as a youth, where he was in charge of mincing beef, an experience that seems to have resonated with him in later life.”

Watch and feel uncomfortable below.