Vegan Protesters Walk From QLD Abattoir Protest With Three Live Lambs

Animal rights protesters who chained themselves to machinery at a Queensland abattoir this morning left the premises with three live lambs, following an apparent negotiation between the activists and the meat processing facility.

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The Canberra Times reports around 20 activists who illegally entered the Carey Bros Abattoir early this morning successfully lobbied staff at the Yangan facility  to relinquish the animals.

The negotiation reportedly concluded before police arrived. The owners of the facility declined to press charges at the time.

Acting Inspector Jamie Deacon told 7News the protest was “resolved peacefully and without incident, following negotiations between the management of the property and the activists.”

The lambs are reportedly set to spend their lives on a Farm Animal Rescue sanctuary.

Lambs were not relinquished at every site of today’s mass protest. Nine activists were arrested after breaking into a Goulburn abattoir and chaining themselves to machinery. All nine were transported to Goulburn Police Station to be charged.

38 activists who stopped peak-hour traffic in Melbourne this morning were also arrested.

Demonstrations also took place at facilities across Victoria.

The protests coincided with the one-year anniversary of the documentary Dominion, which activists say catalogues the industry-wide mistreatment of animals in Australia’s livestock industry.