A crane driver in Denmark has used his heavy machinery skills to dramatically rescue a tradesman from the top of a burning building. 

The crane operator, a bloke called John Pederson, said he had initially leapt out of the crane cabin when the building caught on fire, as the smoke made it impossible for him to see. 

However, when he realised that a man was trapped on the roof with flames rapidly breaking out around him, he sprang into action.

Swinging the crane’s arm over the rooftop, Pederson was able to bring the machine’s twin dangling chains within reach of the stranded bloke. The guy grabbed on for dear life, and Pederson lifted him out of danger and lowered him gently to the ground like a giant, benevolent robot superhero. 

The footage is some real action-movie shit, and Pederson is quite rightly being hailed as a hero.

Onya, John. 

Source: News.com.au

Image: YouTube.