WATCH: 9 News Host Rekt When Bec Judd Rejects Awkward Kiss On Live TV

There’s no two ways about this: this is awkward as fuck. Unexpected, unwarranted gestures of affection from co-workers are bad at the worst of times, let alone when you’re on live TV.

Channel 9 weather reporter Rebecca Judd was gearing up to say cheerio before taking maternity leave for the imminent birth of twins when sports anchor Tony Jones decided to swan on into the frame and make things real weird.
Jones put a very awkward arm around Judd as presenter Peter Hitchener wished her a fond farewell from a professional and non-creepy distance, before going in for a kiss on the cheek that Judd clearly did not see coming or, in fact, appear to want.
They have a laugh about it, which is good, because I think if it was any more awkward I might have died from 2nd hand embarrassment. 
Have a watch:
Hot tip for men in the work place: don’t go for anything more intimate than a handshake unless you are really, really certain it won’t be weird as fuck.
Source and photo: Facebook.