Bec Judd, Still Sooking About Lockdown, Is Now Promoting A ‘Free Melbourne’ Shirt On Instagram

Bec Judd, perhaps the most famous footy WAG-turned-anti-lockdown advocate, has taken to Instagram today to flaunt a ‘Free Melbourne’ shirt in her latest get-ready-with-me video.

Judd is no stranger to the whole ‘Dictator Dan’ movement, recently having a big ol’ sook about being forced to self-isolate in her $7.3 million home that is, quite frankly, bigger than the town I grew up in.

But despite the fact that Melburnians are now free to roam within 25km of their home, and will be sinking beers at the pub before we know it, Judd still took it upon herself to rock a Free Melbourne tee in her latest video.

And yes, the irony of crying for your freedom from the safety of your fuck-off huge bathroom is apparently lost on her.

Throughout the Instagram stories, Judd can be seen applying her own brand of lipstick and doing her hair, all while wearing the unmistakeable Free Melbourne shirt.

bec judd

If you were interested in picking up your *own* bit of merch that will absolutely guarantee that everyone will stay at least 1.5m away from you and your bullshit, she even tagged the store, alongside the hashtag #FreeMelbourne.

Thankfully, the account boasts less than 500 followers, which restores my faith in humanity just a little.

The shirt will set you back $40, and your dignity, but thankfully the money is at least being donated to Beyond Blue. No, this isn’t an endorsement for the dumb shirt, I’m just glad nobody is actually profiting from this.

Honestly, if I lived in Bec Judd’s house and had the ridiculous amount of money she does, I would simply fill my swimming pool with hundred dollar notes and roll around in it while yelling “I’m rich!”

Bec, my girl, just stop.

I had *so* much faith in her. She has a degree in speech pathology, she’s got her own career, she’s raising some kids, why the hell did she have to become one of those Dictator Dan weirdos? Bec, I was ROOTING FOR YOU.

bec judd
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