TikTokers Are Sharing ‘Nightmare’ Footage Of Claustrophobic Vivid Crowds & I’m Good, Thanks

vivid sydney crowds tiktok

Every year, hundreds of Aussies gather in Circular Quay to watch pretty little lights flickering and drones swirling around in circles projecting images of Bluey the Blue Heeler into the cosmos. We call it Vivid Sydney and it fucking rocks, except for when the crowds become sickeningly claustrophobic.

A bunch of TikTokers have taken to the platform to share footage of the massive crowds at this year’s Vivid — and they’ll have you never wanting to leave the house again.

It’s okay, I can get my boyfriend to flick the house lights on and off at varying speeds while I play Taio Cruz‘s “Dynamite” at tinnitus-inducing levels. It’s basically the same thing.

Here’s some of the crowd footage posted online:

The video was reportedly taken over the weekend, which is undoubtedly the busiest time to go to Vivid.

“I think I’d rather just cop the parking fees and drive,” wrote one commenter.

“Sorry. Nothing beats a cosy couch on a cold night,” wrote another.

“I was there at that time and honestly, I was about to pass out,” wrote a third.

Other commenters brought up the fact that there are other train stations close to Vivid that aren’t Circular Quay station.

“Town hall and Wynyard down the road,” wrote one user.

Indeed, it isn’t that hard to just walk to another station. Some people froth the convenience of the Cirqy Quay, though.

Vivid’s very own website even warns folks about coming to the festival of lights during peak hours.

“Generally, Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights and the Monday public holiday night (June 12) attract the largest crowds,” the website reads.

“Those with young families and strollers should also consider coming to Vivid Sydney on weeknights when visitor numbers are expected to be lower than the weekends, and earlier in the night.”

Something about these crowds has put me off the idea of even trying to see Vivid on the weekend.

You can catch me there on a Wednesday in broad daylight.

Nobody will be around — not even the lights. It’ll be freakin’ awesome.