FARK: Victorians Warned Not To Travel To NSW Or Else Risk Having To Quarantine On Arrival Home

In fucking terrible news for everyone* and also me personally, Victorians are being told not to travel to NSW due to the northern beaches coronavirus cluster.

Victoria is also introducing a permit system to anyone arriving from NSW.

Health minister Martin Foley warned Victorians that if they travel north, they might not be able to return home without quarantining.

“The situation in New South Wales and Sydney is rapidly evolving. We’re working on a very close basis of relationship with the New South Wales government, as their list of exposure sites continues to expand,” he said.

“And we will introduce, as of midnight tonight, a permit system based on that risk profile that will be a requirement for anyone returning from New South Wales and Sydney to have in place should they wish to enter Victoria.”

More to come.

*It is VERY MUCH the right thing to do. It just sucks.