The Victorian Greens Want To Legalise The *Other* Green & Tax It Just Like Booze From 2024

victorian greens cannabis plan 2022 state election

The Victorian Greens has announced a plan to legalise and regulate cannabis in the state from 2024 which would treat weed similarly to alcohol.

The party’s health and justice spokesperson Dr Tim Read announced the party’s plan on Monday ahead of the state election in November. He said it was “high time” the State Government accepted one in three Victorians partake in the devil’s lettuce.

“Thousands of Victorians use cannabis each year,” the MP for Brunswick said.

“Yet for 50 years we have been more at risk from the criminal justice system, than the drugs.

“We need a smarter approach to drugs and decriminalisation of drug use is the first step.”

Per The Guardian, the Greens’ plan would make it legal for people over 18 to buy weed in Victoria, decriminalising the possession of small quantities of the drug for personal use.

The plan suggests it would be taxed at 30% of sales — bringing it mostly in line with current alcohol taxes.

It would also bring in penalties for selling weed to anyone under the age of 18, doubling the current penalties for selling booze to underage drinkers.

The Greens propose this new plan has the ability to raise $1.21 billion in revenue for the state over the next decade which could be better used for drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

A further $250 million could be saved in justice spending by decriminalising the possession of small quantities of other drugs from next year, which is also part of the proposal.

The Victorian Greens plan for legalising cannabis comes after US President Joe Biden pardoned thousands of people with federal convictions of “simple” marijuana possession.

The Federal Greens party laid out a similar plan for the national legalisation of cannabis in late September. Senator David Shoebridge said it’s “constitutionally possible” for the Albanese Government to legalise the green stuff by 2023.

Victoria will go to the polls to elect the next state parliament on Saturday, November 26 with enrolments closing on November 8. So Victorians, you can head along to the Victorian Electoral Commission site to check your status and update your details.