Those Vids Of Police Protecting Nazis & TERFs In Victoria Are Why Cops Don’t Belong At Pride

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A group of Nazis and TERFs protested against trans people outside of Victoria’s Parliament House on Saturday. It was a rancid display of transphobic, homophobic, racist and anti-Semitic ideologies in broad daylight, and there is more than enough footage to confirm that it was aggressively protected by Victorian Police. This serves as a reminder as to why LGBTQIA+ people don’t want cops at pride, not now and not ever.

For most queer people, it was no surprise to see Victorian Police captured on film forming barricades around Nazis and TERFs while trans rights activists were reportedly hit, pepper sprayed and arrested.

The police force is an institution that has historically targeted and vilified LGBTQIA+ people, especially POC members of the community.

It’s an institution that, for so many communities, only stands to represent violence, oppression and silencing. It does not exist to serve marginalised people. It does not exist to serve people at all. And given its history, no amount of “good cops” (which I’d argue don’t exist) can ever change this.

Most folks understand that the cops can be fkn despicable, but to see police allow anti-Semitic protests in the middle of Victoria was a new low, even for them.

Individuals protesting for trans rights in the face of disgusting anti-trans protests reported being “shoved” and “assaulted” while Nazi protestors were peacefully allowed to give the Nazi salute.

Some even reported members of the anti-trans TERF group “Standing for Women” were seen happily marching alongside men from the neo-Nazi group “The National Socialist Movement”.

You’d think if an enforcer of the law saw two hate groups and a group of queer people they’d target the literal Nazis, but we know better by now.

It’s actions like this that serve as a reminder that cops simply have no place in pride protests.

Despite there being beautifully queer people who serve as police officers, the group as a collective should not be part of any sort of parade or celebration of all things LGBTQIA+.

Pride celebrations are still a form of protest, and we’ve seen time and time again that when queer people want to protest, the police are only interested in shutting things down and othering us. Why do they ask us to so easily forget their combative past (and PRESENT) with queer people once it’s Pride Month? Fuck right off with that nonsense.

If the police really cared about LGBTQIA+ people, they wouldn’t seek to intimidate them and treat them the way they so often do.

It speaks volumes that in the face of Nazism, police are literally more afraid of queer people, so much so that they’d choose to protect a violent, disgusting show of pathetic, backwards ideologies.

I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. The police love protecting their own.

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