A Man In His 30s Is Among 12 New COVID-19 Deaths Announced In Victoria Today


Premier Daniel Andrews has announced 466 new COVID-19 cases in Victoria overnight, and 12 deaths, the youngest of these being a man aged in his 30s.

Addressing the media today, Andrews said that the other deaths were two men aged in their 70s, two men and three women in their 80s, and four women in their 90s.

He confirmed that the man in his 30s was not a healthcare worker, but could not offer any additional information, telling reporters:

“Beyond that, I’m not in a position to confirm anything other than his gender and age range. If we can, following family discussions, provide you with more detail, we will.”

Brett Sutton, the Chief Health Officer for Victoria, said that the state is seeing “some stabilisation” in terms of case numbers, telling media:

“If we hadn’t stabilised these numbers, we would have seen thousands of cases per day and there are estimates that we’ve averted 20,000 or more cases by virtue of the stage 3 restrictions — but that hasn’t been enough.”

“It’s been able to stabilise the numbers, but we can’t have 500 cases every single day and the associated morbidity, hospitalisation, intensive care requirements and debts that are associated with that number every day.”

He said that he hopes that the results of the current, tougher Stage 4 restrictions will hopefully start to be seen within a week or more.

Meanwhile, caps on international passenger arrivals will continue until October 24, meaning there will be no international passenger flights into Melbourne until then at the earliest.