NATIONAL TRAGEDY: A Beer Truck Has Crashed In NSW, Spilling Thousands Of VBs

The country of Australia has been plunged into a state of deep mourning this afternoon, after word of a horrific truck crash in NSW that has tragically cut short the lives of countless, innocent cartons of VB.

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The crash occurred just a short while ago on a stretch of the Pacific Highway north of Taree, with the entire load of precious amber beers spilled onto the roadway, shutting down one lane of the highway and putting a severe dent in anyone in the area absolutely fanging for a knock off this afternoon.

Video from the site of the accident shows a frankly horrific scene, with cans and bottles strewn across the road; their frosty innards spilled, slicking the tarmac.

A content warning: The following video contains distressing images.

My god. The humanity of it all. The sheer carnage. Avert your eyes, people. For the good of your soul.

Emergency crews are reportedly on the scene dealing with the aftermath of the incident, which includes the grizzly task of scraping the remains of the fallen up off the road and washing the tasty, bubbly innards not into someone’s deserving tum, but into the undeserving ground that can’t even get pissed.

It remains to be seen what the exact toll of fallen soldiers will be, but an eyeball estimate puts that number easily in the thousands.

Political officials, somewhat callously, are yet to offer an official comment on this clear national tragedy.

Even a thought or a prayer would be nice, fellas! The silence is deafening.